Urban Geography – Current Issues and Approaches (German)


Cities have become gamechangers of global and local change processes. Whether it’s the climate crisis, the mobility and energy turnaround, digitization or demographic change – cities are not only places where these issues take place, they often also promise the necessary leverage to locate and implement change, turnaround and transformation. The “urban age”, which was heralded in 2007, marks a key global turning point: Worldwide, more inhabitants live in cities than in rural-peripheral areas.

This volume highlights the city as an enabling space for social change. The textbook is explicitly designed with an interdisciplinary approach to spatially relevant social processes. It expands urban geography and is intended as a plea for thinking that is as complex as it is relational and processual in urban geographic teaching and research.

The following current issues and approaches in urban geography will be addressed through multi-faceted and critical questions:

Which everyday social practices are currently shaping urban coexistence, which are becoming dominant, which remain invisible? How and by what means does appropriation take place in urban space – and who is excluded from it? How does participation succeed in the city and what role do infrastructures such as housing, open and green spaces, traffic and digitalization play?

This textbook supports students of geography and related social science disciplines at both introductory and advanced levels in the study of urban issues.

Stadtgeographie: Aktuelle Themen und Ansätze / Franz, Yvonne (Herausgeber*in); Strüver, Anke (Herausgeber*in).

Springer Spektrum, 2022.