Transdisciplinarity is done (again and again)!

Contextual, collaborative and transformative. Three attributes that were considered from different perspectives during the conference on “Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Develeopment” at UCLouvain in November 2023 in Belgium. The contributions showed that transdisciplinary practice must always be critically reflected upon while remaining ontologically well grounded. Only then can scientific rigour be guaranteed. Yvonne Franz presented a paper on “Research-based Transdiscplinary Teaching for Urban Sustainability Transformations”, co-authored with Kerstin Krellenberg. The response to examples of implementation in research and teaching such as Urban Living Labs or the 4CITIES Spring School for Methodology was fruitful. The “Urban Studies” working group is looking forward to future collaborations that will arise from this.

Photos and Text: Yvonne Franz