Circle U. – European University Alliance

Circle U. is a network of nine European universities (University of Vienna, Aarhus University, Humboldt University zu Berlin, Université Paris Cité, University of Belgrade, UCLouvain, University of Oslo, King’s College London, and University of Pisa) and one of the many university alliances established in recent years.

Since November 2023, Kerstin Krellenberg has been the new Academic Climate Chair at the University of Vienna. The Circle U. Academic Chairs are responsible for developing the thematic focal points of the alliance at their respective universities and expanding them further through joint, innovative teaching and research activities.


“Circle U. provides the unique opportunity to join forces across highly innovative universities to create real impact both at international as well as local level to address the pressing issues of climate change co-creatively. My vision is to contribute to empower the next generation with the necessary knowledge, skills, and methods, to become game-changers in addressing the challenges of the complexity of human-nature-technology-ecosystems.” – Kerstin Krellenberg